Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Wedding Photography Inspiration {Muskoka Wedding Photography)

Muskoka Wedding Photography Winter

I adore winter weddings.  They can be so much fun!  Don't be afraid to get cold, and I promise you we won't let your dress get dirty.  

Claudia and Mark, in the photo above, were married years ago at The Northridge Inn & Resort, and it's still one of my favourite examples of rocking a winter wedding in Muskoka.  Mark & Claudia were married on the pier above in an outdoor ceremony, with their family and friends surrounding them.  Everyone, including the bride, bundled up.  Hand warmers and blankets were given out.  I'm not going to lie, it was a cold day in March - but as soon as the wedding itself started, no one noticed the weather.    They were too busy paying attention to Claudia and Mark, standing on a frozen lake, saying their vows in a way that was so true to them.

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Melanie said...

Love this! Planning a winter-ish wedding in November 2015. Not planning yet (masters student mode at moment) but I will be back ;)