Friday, April 25, 2014

Tips and Advice: Family Photos {London, Ontario Wedding Photography}

Wedding season is here! Let's spend a few days talking about family photos at weddings, shall we? Because here's the thing - they're probably going to be your least favourite part of the day. Here's the other thing - they're pretty muchnecessary, so start practicing your smile. I promise to make it as easy and harmless as possible for you, but stay tuned for a few tips to help you as much as possible.

Today's tip: get used to the idea of standing in one spot for a bit. It may be boring for you but I guarantee your parents, grandparents and your great Aunt Mary are going to want those pictures. Trust me, standing and smiling for a few minutes is MUCH easier than listening to great Aunt Mary ask why there were no family photos. And someday, you may really, really wish you had more photos of great Aunt Mary.

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