Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You saved my sanity - now let me save yours {GIVEAWAY}

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It's been a long journey for me to this point.  I've been shooting weddings for over a decade now, although it rarely feels like it (except on Sunday mornings, when I'm dragging my sore legs out of bed!).  Although I started out assisting my dad, I was never really an "assistant" - I never carried bags or clipboards, but I do remember thinking those first few years that I'd never learn everything he knew. I still haven't, but I'm closer.  Some days, it just blows me away how immersed in weddings I've been.

After the horrible and heartbreaking end of my short marriage, I thought I was done.  I truly did.  I believed it so much that I started researching other career options (private investigator was my top choice) between spurts of sobbing and glasses of whiskey.  

Thankfully, someone kicked my ass (s'up, Eve?) and told me I didn't have to go back to shooting weddings like I had before.  I didn't have to work with every client that came along - I just had to work with the right ones.  

That would be you.  You've come to my website because you're looking for a photographer, but maybe you stayed because something caught your eye.  I post very few "detail" images (although I do shoot them!) because as important as they are, your wedding isn't as important as your marriage.  Your wedding is about the details.  Your marriage is about you.  You as a couple.  You as a united front.  You as a team, and you individually.  You.  That's the story I like to tell - the one about you.

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After realizing so many great couples exist, I slowly found my way back again.  I've spent the last few wedding seasons truly enjoying my job again because of couples like you.  Now it's my turn to say thank you.

I'm giving away free wedding coverage to one random Canadian couple.  Yes, you read that right - free wedding coverage, from the preps until the first dances, two photographers, and all hi-res images on disc.  No catch.  Well, one or two - travel costs not included if the wedding is in the Ottawa area, Sault St. Marie area, Sudbury area, 100kms or more from London or Muskoka, or any province outside of Ontario.  Only open to Canadian couples getting married in 2014.  

There is one more thing - to enter, I want you to tell me about you.  Yes, I want to know about your wedding, but mostly, I want to know about you as a couple.  What makes you awesome?  What makes you strong?  What do you love most about each other?  

That's it.  Send me an email, and tell me your story.  

Giveaway open until midnight EST September 14.  Open to Canadian couples getting married in 2014 only.  Travel costs for two photographers not included outside of Ontario.  Winning couple will be chosen at random and announced before September 30, 2013.   

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