Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trash The Dress in Barrie

Becky & Graham are an amazing couple! Becky entered the contest on the Sensational Weddings blog for a Trash The Dress session, and we just loved her enthusiasm and attitude! Eve and I were quite excited to head to Barrie to photograph such a great pair.

Trash The Dress sessions are so much fun! They're a great way to get in your dress again, and get the shots you didn't have time for, or were too afraid of getting on your wedding day! As you can see, Trash The Dress sessions don't really trash the dress (unless you want to!)- we just get it a bit wet sometimes, and maybe a bit dirty, but nothing a dry cleaning won't fix!

The four of us spent a few hours touring around Barrie, maximizing our locations - a park to start off, downtown Barrie (where they were setting up a fair!), the old Barrie Train station, and of course, a beach.

Interested in a Trash The Dress session? Contact me! They also make great gifts!

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